Project Rewire

About Project Rewire

Project Rewire empowers youth by rewiring the way they see themselves and their future opportunities. Through partnerships with local business owners, and the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, this program teaches youth the basics of entrepreneurship, creative thinking, and financial literacy. Each summer, youth create a prototype business including possible products or services, marketing and advertisement strategies, and a budget. After students give their business presentations, Chess and Community rewards the most dedicated entrepreneurs with seed money to start their businesses. Project Rewire takes a holistic approach to developing youth by exposing them to career opportunities in their communities. The program uses innovative, culturally relevant, and relatable methods to meet students at their level of development. Project Rewire engages youth in the following activities and workshops:
-- Take the Lead (leadership workshops)
-- College Tours
-- Financial Literacy Lessons
-- Voice in the Chamber
-- Business Tours
-- Entrepreneurship Camp
28 workshops & Activities | 50 Hours